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The Department of Labor Wants To Know Why I Didn’t Keep Adjuncting Forever

Today, I was called by the New York State Dept. of Labor to be interrogated by an anonymous bureaucrat. Apparently my application for unemployment has been flagged as not exactly in order. It seems that, if you quit a job, … Continue reading

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Mastercard Is My Co-Pilot

My credit card bill is due today. I usually don’t like to carry a balance on it. I haven’t had an outstanding balance on a credit card in some time, actually. This makes me feel like a good and responsible … Continue reading

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The Crushing Shame of Applying for Unemployment

Applying for unemployment is weird. You have to fill out a bunch of forms online first. The questions that you have to answer to get some money so you can pay your bills make you feel like a loser. Maybe … Continue reading

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