Fearful Monkey

Well, no one has called offering to pay me money to do things for them yet. And it’s a long weekend, which means I will sit here and weep into my cereal bowl until the world wakes up on Tuesday. Then I’m going to this rally to protest NYU’s stupid, stupid $6 billion expansion plan that no one wants and that will be funded by more student debt. In between various activities of a political protest nature and weeping into said cereal bowl, I plan to play this Shakespeare quote generator game which I stole from Fie because, why not? When you put in the word ‘monkey,’ you get this:

It was the nightingale, and not the lark
That pierced the fearful monkey of thine ear.

My husband typed in the word ‘butt-hole’ and got this:

What’s in a butt-hole? That which we call a rose
By any other butt-hole would smell as sweet.

Then we giggled like school kids because, does butt-hole even have a hyphen?

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One Response to Fearful Monkey

  1. Sun says:

    How did the rally on Tuesday go?

    I have enjoyed discovering your blog over the past couple of days (although I do have to stop myself from clicking on the weird ad at the end of each post) and find your observations insightful and heartening. If I ever could afford to visit NY, you’d be the first person I’d want to hang with!

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