Temping for the .001%

Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be fascinating stories of riches beyond your wildest dreams, fellow post-academics!

Starting next week, I shall be filling in for the administrative assistant in what I am told is a “spectacular” and “luxurious” office building in NYC. I am told there will be jaw-dropping views from the 60th floor. I am told to dress smartly, but to wear practical shoes in case I have to lift things. I am told to smile a lot.

I am told there will be a butler.

No, I am not joking. Who knew butlers even existed outside the Clue board game! I’ve never even seen a butler. How my provincial worldview will be expanded through the experience of answering the phone, filing, and possibly lifting heavy things and moving them to a new location for super-duper rich people!

I am giddy with excitement.

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4 Responses to Temping for the .001%

  1. recent Ph.D. says:

    You’re not exactly the admin assistant they’re expecting, either. Use that to your advantage. I’d guess you probably won’t have to lift anything, either. That’s what butlers are for …

  2. I hope Jeeves gives good lunch!

    good luck, I hope these new people treat you with more respect than the last place.

  3. Chris Llano says:

    Cant wait for the scoop!

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